R&R Parenting I

According to the dictionary, any kind of parenting is deceptively simple; it is supposedly about being or acting like a mother or a father. But as everyone knows, that is not the case at all.

Parenting is a complicated lifelong process that, in practice, varies from culture to ethnic group. It is a complex biological process compounded by multiple abstract factors. R&R parenting at its most basic level, at least conceptually, Continue reading R&R Parenting I


Overrun by Techno-gizmos

A white walking cane had been an extension of my hand for six years before I became a college student. In those six years I had experienced interesting and varied reactions. They ranged from a muttered “what the heck is she doing in a place like this by herself?” (I was in a mall) to a woman asking my husband if he thought I would mind if she offered her assistance in a public restroom along an interstate highway. My favorite reaction was the simple, curious Continue reading Overrun by Techno-gizmos


Assaulted by Techno-gizmos

I am writing this blog entry with a techno-gizmo. My simple Amish brain has a love/hate relationship with this techno-gizmo. The hate part comes from my love of simplicity and the love part comes from my aversion to cluttered, chaotic writing. I like things simple, clear, sensible, and neat. I have yet to use a techno-gizmo that meets my expectations.

Yes, pushing buttons is simple enough but how am I to make sense of the infinitesimal outer markings as well as comprehend its inner functions? Continue reading Assaulted by Techno-gizmos