Call It Quits or Go On?

I think a regular bi-weekly post was due last Friday. That is, according to my self-imposed schedule. But once again, life happens regardless of schedules.

Last Friday I was flat on my back, unconscious, while a surgeon cut what he described as a “very large grapefruit” out of my abdomen.┬áIt seems the old-lady pillow in my belly was more than mere hormones.

Now I’m lying around, still on my back but mostly conscious, wondering whether anyone is missing my posts.

It is nearly a year since I began this blog posting madness so I’d been questioning whether I should stop this nonsense or go on spouting off every other week anyway. I think life just forced my hand.

I’m asking for your help. Does anyone even read the rantings of this Amish grandma? If so, can you offer me a good reason to continue?



2 thoughts on “Call It Quits or Go On?”

  1. I cast my vote for you to please continue. I read them and enjoy the so called rantings.
    Sorry to hear about you being laid up. I hope you are recovered and up and about again (as I’m reading this in June).
    We need to plan a visit again soon!!

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